Petrolheadonism.Club is often asked to source vehicles for a variety of productions for the film, music and social media content creation industries. Whether it’s a car review; sound recording for the next awesome computer game; drag racing in a viral youtube video or even starring in the next big music video – we can be your agent when the opportunity arises.

Join Our Database – No Fee!

We will contact you if we receive a request from our industry wide contacts…

We’re Looking for Interesting, Obscure, Rare Vehicles including Classics, Americana, Supercars, Vintage or even Highly Modified Cars;

Bikes, Helicopters, Tanks, 3 Wheelers – Anything Different or Cool

(Please Do Not Register if you have a modern everyday vehicle as these will be unlikely to gain any work)

EARN an appearance fee for your vehicle’s agreed use

Agreed in advance – some fees may only cover travel and mileage whereas other fees could be lucrative depending on production budgets, as your agent we will ensure to negotiate the deal possible!

Prestige Procurement Agency can help your vehicle take centre stage and make sure all eyes are on it.

Send in your submission today and let's get the camera rolling!

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Prestige Procurement Agency, a division of Petrolheadonism Club, offers a specialized service in procuring unique vehicles for media and entertainment purposes. This includes sourcing rare and exotic cars, classic models, and highly customized vehicles, as well as other unusual modes of transport like bikes, helicopters, and even tanks. Prestige Procurement Agency cater to a variety of media projects, including films, music videos, and social media content. Vehicle owners can register their vehicles with the agency for potential selection in these projects. If chosen, the vehicle’s appearance is negotiated and compensated based on the project’s budget.